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Disadvantages of Gambling


Gambling is an activity that has its vibrant and fun side to it also has its other side which is dark and addicting. Like everything in this world, gambling also has its limits. Too much of anything is never good.  Gambling is fine until it turns into an addiction. The main and the popular reason for gambling becoming an addiction is the money that is involved in it. The success and the returns are never guaranteed. It can either take to greater heights that you haven’t even dreamt of or it can make you hit rock bottom.

Here are certain disadvantages of Gambling

The Addiction

The major problem caused by gambling is the addiction to it. The sad part is that certain people don’t even realize that they are becoming addicted to it. There are instances where people realize it in the beginning and make efforts to overcome their addiction to gambling. But people who do not realize it get deeper into it are finding it hard to overcome the addiction to gambling.

With the rise of online casino in Malaysia, this problem has started becoming more and more prominent especially among youngsters. More people got addicted to online gambling mainly due to its accessibility and thrill that you would never have been able to experience in land based casinos.

Ignoring the responsibilities

When it comes to gambling the addiction is not a standalone problem. It is more of a chain reaction that reflects in other activities. The level of addiction to gambling of certain people makes them forget their responsibilities. This directly affects them and their families.

Staying away from reality


Gambling has various effects on people and their mindsets. Sometimes people gamble excessively, and they forget about what exactly is happening around them. It distances them from the people they love. It makes them unhappy and ends hating themselves. Gambling is a bubble that consumes you. For more than 90% of the people, it is really hard to break the bubble and get over it.

Excessive belief in luck

Gambling is not a banking process, where you can expect the calculated results. The entire process is based on luck and circumstances. For someone who is getting more addicted to gambling, it is becoming hard for them to accept losing. They never want to back out due to their belief in luck. To be involved in something that has no guarantee is not advisable.

Anxiety and Depression

Most of the people involved in gambling feel a bit stressed. This not just affects their health but also their normal routines like sleeping and thinking. The stress when exceeds a certain level ends up in anxiety and depression. These philological problems are not something that can be easily treated. It needs complete medical care and monitoring.

The financial issues

It is entirely different when people who are financially well, gamble and lose money. But for people who are not financially well, it is a huge problem that needs to be addressed. They end up borrowing money which they are not sure of repaying. To have a huge financial burden on your shoulders is one of the worst experiences that one could ever go through.  The sad part is that people fail to realize that there are possibilities that things could go much worse and the situations become much hard to handle.


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